Review: Condensed Knowledge

Condensed knowledgeJust yesterday in the meeting someone was wondering what “revved up like a deuce” meant in Blinded by the light. And I knew it referred to a thirties car, but forgot which one (it’s a 1932 Ford). Nevertheless the book Condensed Knowledge has already paid off as far as bringing up some of the most interesting trivia out there. As you can see from the table of contents, the authors (and there are quite a few of them) condensed the human knowledge of chemistry, psychology, history, religion, math, literature, music and other areas into digestible collections of paragraph-long facts, united by some theme such as “4 nations that get no respect”, “Most influential women in world religions”, “Literary works written under influence” and other equally catchy chapter subtitles.

The book contains a vast collection of interesting facts from all branches of human knowledge, debunks some popular myths, and generally provides for hours of good reading where you literally cannot put the book away. Depending on how deep you went into specific areas while in high school or college, it might even introduce some new stuff to you- such as why some African countries have such liquid borders and are in constant warfare. For a $10 price tag you get endless stream of interesting facts to bring into conversations and possibility to surprise friends and enemies with vast array of trivia knowledge.