Java jackets and Jay Sorensen – the history of invention

Java jacketsEvery time I get a cup of hot coffee, I am always curious about the coffee sleeve, usually featuring the patent 5,425,497. It’s a pretty simple, yet incredibly useful invention that obviously was scratching an itch that many people have had whenever buying hot coffee.

The inventor is Jay Sorensen and the one-product company is Java Jacket out of Portland, OR. You get the coffee sleeve for free whenever you buy a beverage at a coffee shop, but according to Entrepreneur magazine, the company’s revenues were estimated at $12-15 million dollars back in 2003. The company got started with $15,000, back in 1993 when the patent got granted. The venture got started after an unfortunate accident with hot coffee, Fast Company magazine says:

One morning, I spilled the coffee in my lap. I didn’t get burned badly, but I thought, Maybe there’s a better way of doing this. 

  • colleen sorensen

    It’s Jay Sorensen, not Jay Jorensen.

    Colleen Sorensen

  • Tinian312

    I too was wondering about such a simple invention thinking, “what an easy invention!” I thought even had I thought of it first, I would have told myself that trying to “invent” something so simple would be embarrassing. The company’s revenues were estimated between 12-15 million in 2003; maybe from now on I’ll change my way of thinking!

  • colleen sorensen

    Article is wrong. We started in 1991 and with $10,000.00 that we borrowed from his parents and his Dad actually came up with the name. One morning when he was going through a drive-thru he spilled a cup of hot coffee in his lap.