David Berlind on AllofMP3.com legality

David Berlind from ZDNet got an official answer from IFPI regarding AllofMP3.com status:

We submitted a complaint to the most senior Moscow prosecutor in July (this is the third submission) and are awaiting that decision. Allofmp3.com was declared illegal by the court in Germany in May. The portal to the site in Italy, allofmp3.it was shut down by the Italian police in July. By the way, the Russian Organization for Multimedia & Digital Systems (ROMS) does not have the authority to licence the site and was thrown out of CISAC in October last year for purporting to grant licences it was not entitled to grant. We have consistently said that the site breaks international copyright laws by its sale and digital distribution of copyrighted music without the consent or authorisation of the rights holders.

  • http://yahoo.com russel

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  • sue baker

    you can try http://www.mp3piles.com too